At Pixels Beach Everyone is Welcome!

Pixels Beach Pixel Art NFT Collectables

Pixels Beach is digital pixel art of people of many colors and styles at beach by the edge of the ocean. There are pixel art of animals, turtles, sea mammals and fish. Even pixel icebergs, ninja & zombies are here! Inspired from the Cryptocurrency NFT Digital Art movement. Unique collectible characters secured with “Proof of Ownership” NFT Marketplace.

Version 1 – 24×24 = 48 Pixels

Pixels Beach Punks NFTs are the smallest pixels bit images that can made at 24×24 pixels. Yes they are super small – and you can collect one today!
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Version 2 – 300×300 = 900 Pixels

Sea Turtles are at Pixels Beach

Icebergs !

Oh No! Zombies are at Pixels Beach

Ninja and a Samurai